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Paper Machine Felt for Paper Making

Papermaking felt

Papermaking felts, fabric felts for paper forming and conveying in the paper industry. Require good dewatering, smoothness, difficult to stain, wear resistance, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, antibacterial, heat resistance and hydrolysis resistance and so on.

Paper making felt

It can be divided into wet felt, top felt and drying felt according to its use in the different paper machine part.

Wet felt with water running on the paper machine, the role is to squeeze the paper so that the dehydration and paper surface smooth. Wet felt drainage and elasticity are good, high strength, shrinkage rate, wear-resistant, anti-bacterial and acid-base corrosion.

The top felt is used above the wet felt, and a small part is in contact with the drying cylinder, which plays the role of leading paper, topping and drying, and has the advantages of smoothness, rigidity, elasticity, wear resistance and high temperature resistance.

Dry felt cover the dryer, running in hot and humid conditions, scratch and dry the paper, with a solid, flexible, wear-resistant, high temperature performance.

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