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Paper Machine Felt For Paper Mill

Leizhan has high requirements on the variety, quantity and surface modification of the paper making felts it produces. It can provide different felts according to the type of paper machine and the environmental conditions in which the felts are used. We can also provide customers with existing felt cleaning and purification equipment.

Application & Features of Paper Making Felt

1.1. Felt serves as a dehydration medium. When the paper web is dehydrated in the vacuum box and press area, the paper making felt absorbs and filters out the moisture escaping from the paper sheet.

2. During the paper web transfer and dehydration process, it can smooth and modify the paper surface.

3. The paper sheet is transferred from the wire part to the dryer part through the press part, and drives the passive roller and screen cage to operate.

Leizhan can provide all pulping equipment and paper making equipment for the entire paper making line, as well as related parts. If you are interested in paper machines, please contact us for price and more details. Email address: