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Paper Production Line Machine Calender

Calenders can significantly improve the quality and appearance of paper, making it more attractive and market-competitive. The calender is one of the indispensable and important equipment in the paper production line.

Application & Features

1. Improve paper quality: By calendering the paper with high pressure, the calender can eliminate stains, unevenness, bubbles and other undesirable phenomena on the paper surface, making the paper surface flatter and smoother, improving the quality and appearance of the paper. .

2. Increase paper strength: The calender applies high pressure to the paper, which can increase the compression, tensile and tear strength of the paper, making the paper more durable and suitable for various applications.

3. Improve the printing effect: Through calendering, the flatness and smoothness of the paper surface are improved, which can improve the fineness, color restoration and image clarity of the printed matter, making the printing effect even better.

4. Increase the value of paper: Calendered paper has better quality and better appearance, so it has a higher market value and selling point, and can attract more customers.

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