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Paper Pulp Machine High Density Cleaner

high density cleaner

High density cleaner is the necessary equipment, use behind pulper equipment for removing heavy impurities. Every paper pulp line need this equipment, not only high grade paper, like tissue and culture, but also wrapping paper, like kraft paper, corrugate paper and coating paper. As the high density cleaner is used to remove heavy impurities, so the requirement for machine quality is high.

How is high density cleaner working?

Pulp in the direction of the tangential direction into the cleaner, use inlet and outlet pressure difference as power, make the pulp along the cone spiral movenebt generated centrifugal force, so that the heavy impurities in the pulp was thrown to the inner surface of the cone under the action of centrifugal force, And by gravity natural downward movement, good pulp from the middle of the export out. Heavy impurities and some fibers sink to the lower cone, in the high-pressure backwash washing, the fiber floating to the upper cone, heavy impurities sink into the slag tank.

Feature of Leizhan High density cleaner

1. PLC control automatic slagging.

2. ZSC high density cleaner is different from the general cleaner, due to the unique design of the principle of liquid mechanics, can work in the high concentration of slurry transport process, doesn’t affect the slag effect, the slurry once through the cleaners, pulp Of the impurities by the pressure of water backwash washing, fiber loss is almost zero.

3.┬áSmall footprint, don’t need tail pulp treatment equipment.

4. Wear resistance ceramics cone, long service life.

Leizhan supply High density cleaner throughput from 900 to 12000, customer can choose suitable size according to capacity, this equipment pressure difference is 0.1MPa~0.2MPa, and C=3%~5%. If you have any need, feel free to contact with us.