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Paper Pump For Paper Making Project

Pulp pump

After studying the pulping and paper making processes and in order to adapt to the current pulping and paper making requirements. we have conducted careful analysis and research against the original produced two- phase flow pumps to optimize and reconstruct the original pump types based on sustaining and inheriting the merits of the original pumps and getting rid of its shortcomings; in addition, we have employed CAD to make its performance more reliable, structure more reasonable and appearance more eye pleasing, it is an ideal updated product for you.

This series two-phase f1ow pulp pump has the following features:

1. High effective and energy saving: the efficiency 0f pulp conveyed by two-phase flow pulp pump is higher than that for conveying rinsing, and 85 percentage higher than that conveyed by the ordir1ary pulp pump.
2. Good cavitation performance,long service life: since the flow design for two-phase flow pulp pump meets the changing of solid flow field, the solid runs along the molded line of impe1ler, while the impeller only produces attrition and the cavitation performance improves along with the increasing of flows, this change is comparatively stable, so the service life of two-phase flow pulp pump is ordinary pulp pump under the same work conditions.
3. The water oonservation model for the two-phase flow pulp pump is designed with wide runner, high concentration, good corrosion resistance and block free property.
4. Reasonable structure, easy mair1terlance: since the pump head parts adopt the front_rear door structure, so it is unnecessary to dismantle the pipes in maintenance. The dismantling and maintenance to pumps are available only by moving the motor backward.
5. Shaft seal adopts maze-lip double seal and the seal box is equipped with packing seal and various
6.Standard mechanical seals. All are leakage free at the users’ option.
7. All major flow components are made of cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel materials at users’ option.
8. Thorough series spectrum, wide covelin1gl surface to facilitate accurate and convenient selection for the users.