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The Measures To Solve The Dehydration Of Paper Machine

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By pressing and drying methods in the process of paper making will break away of the moisture in the paper, in this process because of various reasons lead to dehydration, so what are the measures to solve paper machine dehydration bad?

The Measures To Solve The Dehydration Of Paper Machine

1.The uniform slurry temperature needs to be maintained.
(1) the temperature increases the dehydration capacity;
(2) high slurry temperature also affects other characteristics.

2.Check the system for surfactant or foam.
(1) surfactant can improve the dehydration capacity, but too much can produce a lot of foam;
(2) the air in the slurry will reduce the dehydration rate;
(3) adjust the dosage of surfactant or defoaming agent.

3.Changes in ash or filler amount.
(1) the filling does not absorb water but sometimes it increases the dehydration rate;
(2) packing in the pipe will affect the dehydration;
(3) maintain uniform ash and head retention rate.

4.The size of the slurry may change.
(1) the slurry with high free degree is dehydrated fast;
(2) optimize the beating degree within the permitted range to maximize the dehydration rate.

5.The surface charge of the system changes.
(1) the ion environment will affect the retention of most chemicals;
(2) surface charge influences flocculation.

6.Flocculation effect
(1) flocculant can reduce the hydration of the fiber, thus increasing the dehydration rate;
(2) flocculant can be used as a dehydrating agent, and most dehydration agents can also be used as flocculants.

7.Small fiber content changes.
(1) high content of fine fiber can prevent dehydration;
(2) it is very important to have good first – range fine fibers for the same operation and effective material application (chemical additives).