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Vertical Pulper In Pulping Process

Vertical Pulper

Horizontal Pulper and Vertical Pulper is two types pulper equipment in Paper pulp industry, Horizontal Pulper is equipment that used a few years ago, there is no advantage of production capacity and power energy compared with Vertical Pulper, mostly customer choose Vertical Pulper to increase capacity.

Vertical Pulper

D type hydrapulper, H.C. Hydrapulper, M.C. Hydrapulper and Vertical Hydrapulper belonging to vertical pulper, we choose suitable pulper equipment according to raw material, capacity, and any other factors.

Leizhan delivered D type hydrapulper for Indian Paper Mill several days ago, they used old Horizontal Pulper to break material, but the capacity is small, benefit is very low, according to their requirements our engineer suggest them to choose 10m³ D type hypulper to increase the capacity. Why customer choose Vertical Pulper to increase capacity?

Features of Vertical Pulper

1. The Horizontal Pulper technology can’t meet the paper making needs better, the Horizontal type make the broken effect not ideal, otherwise the Vertical Pulper adopt international advance technology, can deal with paper making requirements better.

2. The Vertical Pulper broken effect is better, low energy consumption, capacity is bigger in the same power compared with Horizontal Pulper.

3. Small footprint, simple operation, easy maintenance.