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150TPD Wrapping Paper Pulping Line

Drum pulper

Recently Leizhan delivered Drum pulper for Egypt Paper Mill, which set up a new 150t/d wrapping paper production line. They purchased the whole sets of paper pulp machine for the pulping line, this time drum pulper is delivered to customer’s plant.

Project information

Time: September, 2017
Customer: Egypt Paper Mill
Address: Egypt
Project: 150t/d wrapping paper making
Delivered equipment: Drum pulper

150t/d Wrapping Paper Pulping Project

Egypt Paper Mill set up this new wapping paper making line to produce white board paper, kraft paper and corrugated paper. The pulping process use waste paper and wood pulp/white shavings as raw material, the waste paper pulp used as bottom layer pulp and cone layer pulp, wood pulp/ white shavings pulp as top layer pulp. This project use three layer paper machine to turn slurry into finished paper.

Customer visited our factory several times and discuss with our engineer long time about the project details, finally they decide purchased paper pulp equipment in Leizhan company, and we supplied customer the best quality and price paper machine.

Drum pulper

The Drum pulper customer purchased parts contact with pulp all is 304 stainless steel, extend service life(we also supply ordinary material according to your needs). The Drum pulper has tree parts: Feed hopper, Pre-soaking part, Pulping part and Screening part, the impurities can be discharged during the puling process. The Drum pulper can replace s whole complete continuous pulping system, save the number of equipment and manpower.