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Corrugated Paper Testliner Paper Making Project Delivery Site

The customer in India has purchased the whole corrugated paper making line from our company. And this time we delivery the paper pulp making machine for them.

We main offer the Mid Consistency Hydrapulper, High Density Cleaner, Double Disc Refiner, Inflow Pressure Screen, Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, Reject Separator, Low Density Cleaner, D Type Hydrapulper, Argitator and so on.

No. Name of pulp equipment Function
1 Hydrapulper Pulverize the raw material, such as wooden pulp,waste paper.etc
2 Pulp pump work with desander to convey slurry
3 Vibrating screen Remove plastic and iron nail out of pulp
4 Inclined screen Remove more subtle impurities
5 High consistency cleaner Remove the sand
7  Reject separator Remove waste paper impurities.Get best pulp
8 Pressure screen Separate the impurity

Welcome email us if you are interested in our paper or paepr pulp machine, and you also can leave message on this website, our business manaegr will send you machine details and price soon.