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Drum Pulper for 400tpd Corrugated Paper Making

Drum pulper

Henan Xinxiang Xingtai Paper Mill set up a new 400t/d Corrugated&Testliner paper making line, and ordered the whole sets of paper pulp machine for waste paper pulping, recently 3250 Drum pulper is delivered to customer.

Project information

Time: November, 2017
Customer name: Henan Xinxiang Xingtai Paper Mill
Address: Henan, China
Project: 400t/d Corrugated&Testliner paper making line
Delivered equipment: 3250 Drum pulper

This new corrugated paper making line use LOCC as raw material, the pulping process includes chain conveyor, pulping system, coarse screening system, grading screening system. The Drum pulper we supplied contact pulp part is stainless steel, extend the service time, the Drum pulper can reply the whole sets of hydrapulper continuous pulping system, reduce pulp equipment; gentle pulping can maintain the fiber’s physical properties…

Except paper pulp machine, we also supply paper machine for Kraft&Corrugated&Culture&Toilet&Coating paper making, and paper machine spare parts like felt, doctor blade, rollers, etc., if you have any need, feel free to contact us for more details.