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Paper Pulp Equipment High Density Cleaner For Paper Mill

high density cleaner

The paper mill in India has purchased the paper pulp equipment High Density Cleaner from our company.

Our company can offer paper mill the whole paper pulp making line and paper machine, if you want to set up your paper making line, you can send email to us.

Application & Features of High Density Cleaner:

1. The volute slurry flows into the cavity, with strong eddy current capacity, and the low pressure area is clearly divided. In this way, impurities can be completely separated from impurities.
2. Cone ceramics are wear-resistant and have a long service life.
3. The specially designed long cone has a small cone angle and high cleaning efficiency.
4. Equipped with PLC control cabinet, convenient, easy to control, and fully discharge impurities.

Welcome email us to get more details and price of paper pulp equipment  High Density Cleaner , or you can leave message on this website.