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Stock Preparation Machine Delivery Site For Qinyang Xinghua

In order to let customers know more about what happens after signing the contract, we provide customers with relevant photos of the transportation site. Our stock preparation machines have efficient processing capabilities and can quickly and effectively convert raw pulp into high-quality pulp that can be used in paper machine production.

Details Of Delivery

Ordered machine: Chain conveyor, D-type hydrapulper, hydrapurger, drum screen, ragger, rope cutter, grapple, energy-saving screen, cleaner, reject separator, light impurity separator, pressure screen, inflow pressure screen

Delivery machine: Trash well, ragger, cleaner, reject separator, pressure screen

Delivery Time: October 24, 2023

The design and technology of the stock preparation machine ensures even distribution and proper concentration of pulp to improve paper production efficiency. If you are interested in paper machines, please contact us. Email address: