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150T/D Wrapping Paper Pulping Project

paper pulp machine

Wrapping paper is widely used in our life, we provide wrapping paper pulp machine for Egypt paper making friends, and thanks for their trust, we believe that this machine can bring more benefits for our paper making friends.

Information of paper pulp project

Customer’s name: Egypt Paper Mill

Time: 2017.5.19

Raw material: LOCC(waste paper)

Capacity: 150t/d

Delivered machine: M.C. pressure screen, Low density cleaner, pulp pump, Drum pulper, Double disc refiner, etc.

Pulping process contain waste paper broken system, pulp cleaning and screening system, refiner and so on.

Drum pulper is used to break the waste paper into pulp, Low density cleaner can remove impurities from pulp, M.C. pressure screen can divide  into fine and coarse screening equipment according to it’s screen drum, and refiner equipment improve slurry beating degree to meet the paper making needs.