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Daily Production 140T Kraft Paper Making Machine

Recognized as a prominent player in the paper machinery manufacturing sector, Leizhan’s 140T/D kraft paper making machine is a top-performing and dependable equipment choice for paper mills seeking quality kraft paper solutions. With a net paper width of 3800mm, this machine is designed to deliver excellent output. Here are the key technical specifications of this 140T/D kraft paper making machine.

The Main Information of 140T/D Kraft Paper Making Machine

Net paper width: 3800mm
Weight: 90-127gsm
Working speed: 220-280m/min
Design speed: 300m/min
Daily output: 140tpd
Track gauge: 4900mm
Crawling speed: 25m/min

When it comes to constructing a sustainable kraft paper production line project that prioritizes energy efficiency and environmental conservation, Leizhan’s kraft paper making machine stands out for its cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly features. For inquiries or consultations on establishing an energy-saving kraft paper manufacturing setup, reach out to us via email.

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