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Headbox For Kraft Paper Making Project

The uniformity of paper production depends on the degree of fiber dispersion in the headbox and the uniformity of the headbox lip. Paper machines with copying speeds exceeding 200 m/min are generally equipped with air-cushion headboxes or hydraulic headboxes. The control parameters of the headbox of paper machines mainly include total pressure, pulp level and pulp-net speed ratio.

Control The purpose of the total pressure is to obtain uniform pulp flow and flow rate from the headbox to the wire. The purpose of the paper machine using the headbox to control the pulp level is to obtain an appropriate pulp flow area to reduce cross-flow and concentration changes, and to generate and maintain a controllable surge flow to limit fiber flocculation.

Details of Headbox

Product variety: Kraft facial tissue, etc.

Clean paper width: 4300mm

Paper dryness: 92% ~ 94%

Longitudinal and horizontal shrinkage rate: 3% ~ 3.5%

Working speed: 350~400m/min

In this system, a programmable controller is used to effectively control the total pressure and pulp level of the headbox to improve paper making quality. If you also need paper making equipment, please feel free to contact us. Email: