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High Speed ​​Stock Washer For Paper Mill

High speed ​​​​stock washer has a very high removal efficiency for fine impurities such as ink particles and fillers in the pulp. It can be widely used in the washing and concentration of various waste newsprint recycled pulp, waste account paper recycled pulp, waste book and magazine paper recycled pulp, and various office waste paper recycled pulp chemical pulp before and after bleaching.

High speed ​​​​stock washer has high impurity removal efficiency. The material layer between the polyester mesh and the roller is very thin, the distance for impurities in the slurry to escape is short, and the hindrance from the slurry layer during the escape process is small. In addition, the centrifugal force generated by high-speed operation makes it very easy to escape tiny impurities such as fillers and ink particles. The ash removal rate of the slurry after washing is more than 99%.

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