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Kraft Liner paper Corrugated Paper Making Machine

Kraft paper machine
The corrugated paper making machine is the general term of the full set of equipment for the divisional linkage of the paper pulp to make paper,including the headbox,net part,press part, drying part,calender machine,paper rolling machine and transmission part,and auxiliary systems such as steam,water,vacuum,lubrication and heat recovery.

The machine is a multi-purpose machine type,With easy operation,low noise,high performance, work continuously feature

Technical parameter :

  Product series   Kraft paper,corrugated paper
  Papermaking quantitive   60-250g/m2
  Net paper width   1092–2880mm
  Reel paper width   1200–2930mm
  Working speed   150m/min
  Net output   5–80t/d
  Drive way   AC variable frequency,section drive
  Layout ways   Single layer,left and right model
  Sizing way   Headbox


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