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Machine For Kraft Paper Making Line

Track gauge of kraft paper making line is 4700 mm according to design. There are requirements for water, electricity, steam and compressed air in kraft paper making line. Clean water and clarified water must be pure, colorless, sand-free, and have a pH value close to neutral.

Details of Kraft Paper Making Line

1. Forming part: air-cushion headbox sizing, double layer wire forming (bottom wire is 20 meters long, top wire is 7.5 meters long);

2. Pressing part: one vacuum suction, two large roll diameter pressing (Φ1350/Φ1350)

3. Drying part: 29 Φ1800 mm dryer cylinders, 2 Φ1500 mm VAC cylinders, arranged in the form of 3/2V+8+8+sizing machine+10+gloss calender

4. Reeling part: Horizontal reeling machine

5. The transmission system adopts divisional transmission and AC frequency conversion speed control.

6. Arrangement form: single layer

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