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10T Kraft Paper Making Production Line

Leizhan Machinery is widely recognized for its state-of-the-art technology and high-quality kraft paper production lines, receiving praise from customers worldwide. Our pulpers, refiners, and cleaners, among other equipment, have gained significant popularity in the paper making sector. Our dedication lies in building complete kraft paper production lines that enhance productivity and yield substantial economic advantages for our esteemed customers.

Details Of Kraft Paper Machine

1. Paper Grade: kraft paper

2. Operating Speed: 150-800m/min

3. Capacity: 10t/d

4. Net paper width: 1880-5800mm

5. Output paper weight: 80-220gsm

At Leizhan Machinery, our aim is to awe our customers with cutting-edge technology and innovative designs. We are focused on enhancing paper making efficiency, minimizing energy consumption, and reducing environmental impact. Email address: