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120tpd Kraft Paper Making Machine

kraft paper machine
120t/d kraft paper making machine used for 100-240g/㎡ high quality kraft paper production, contain waste paper processing and kraft paper machine. The paper machine quality has a directly influence on paper quality, and we supply paper machine meet the paper making requirements.

Kraft paper machine technical data

Paper grade: Kraft paper
GSM: 100-240g/㎡
Trimmed width: 2850mm
Working speed: 180-200m/min
Capacity: 120t/d

Paper machine: Open headbox – three layer wire – The first double blanket Blind large roller press Φ1250 / 1250mm – The second double-blanket big roller press Φ1250 / 1250mm- Dryer Φ1800mm24 set, grouped into 8 + 8 + sizing machine + 8 – four-roll calender – horizontal cylinder reeling machine. Paper in the press part for the hair pull paper.