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150TPD High-grade Corrugated/Kraft Paper Making Project

High-grade corrugated paper machine

Kraft paper and corrugated widely used in wrapping paper industry, many paper maker friends consult us about kraft/corrugated paper machine, and our engineer design kraft/corrugated paper making project for customer, the following is 150t/d high-strength corrugated and kraft paper making project.

Pulping process

The kraft paper pulping process contain wood pulp preparation and LOCC stock preparation, the equipment wood pulp needed: Hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Double disc refiner, Pulp pump, Agitator. Wast Paper stock preparation line: Drum pulper, High density cleaner, Pressure screen, Low density cleaner, etc.

3400mm High-grade corrugated paper machine

Paper kind: High strength corrugated paper, kraft paper
Raw material: OCC
Trimmed width: 3400mm
GSM: 90~180g/㎡
Production capacity: 150t/d (350m/minx90g/m2x3.4mx24hx0.06/1000)
Center distance: 4500mm
Working speed: 350m/min
Design speed: 400m/min
Driving mode: AC motor frequency conversion speed subsection drive