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150TPD Iran LOCC Stock Preparation Project

Paper pulp machine

Leizhan successfully signed a cooperation with Iran Paper Mill, that supply the whole sets of stock preparation line for their new 150t/d wrapping paper making line to produce kraft paper, corrugated paper and white board paper, and this project has been installed and run smoothly.

150t/22h Locc stock preparation Project

This paper making project raw material depends on the finished paper, generally use waste paper as raw material, if produce white paper and high quality kraft paper need a certain percentage of wood pulp or AOCC/White shavings.
LOCC stock preparation line

Chain conveyor-Drum pulper-High density cleaner-Mid consistency coarse screen-Single effect fiber separator- Reject separator- Mid density cleaner-Fractionating screen-Low density cleaner-1st stage M.C. fine screen-2nd stage M.C. fine screen- Disc thickener

We supply paper machine for kraft/corrugated/coating paper making from 1880mm to 5800mm, capacity can reach 45-750t/d, if you have any need, we can provide the whole paper making project, welcome to consult us for more details.