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15T/D Kraft Paper Making Machine Supplier China


15T/D Kraft Paper Making Machine supplier china

Leizhan China is capable to supply complete set of Kraft liner board making line for paper mill. The whole 15t/d kraft paper production line use waste paper as raw material contains: Waste paper pulping line and 1880 kraft paper machine.

Waste Paper Pulping Line

D Type Hydrapulper–High density cleaner–Inclined thickener–mid consistency coarsc screen–Reject separator–Mid density cleaner–Mid-consistency pressure screen–Incliner thickener–Double disc refiner–Toplayer Paper Machine Screen–Inclined thickener–Paper machine screen of underlayer

1880 kraft Paper Making Machine

Cylinder mold couch roll unit

Return unit

Dryer cylinder

Reeling machine

Rewinder machine