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20TPD Gray Board Paper Making Line

20tpd gray board paper making machine

According to customer’s requirements and practical experience of our company, engineer design the following solution for 20t/d gray board paper production line.

Paper Machine technical data

Paper making type: white top gray back board paper
GSM: 200-350g/m²
Paper width: 2500mm
Production capacity: 20t/d
Rolled paper width: 2560mm
Designed speed: 70m/min
Operating speed: 20-50m/min

This paper machine consists of many parts such as back section, cylinder part,press part,dry part,calender,paper rolling machine,foundation part,paper machine auxiliary system and so on, is a new one which is elaborated.

Except paper machine, the stock preparation line for various kinds of paper making also can be available in Leizhan, we are Paper&Pulp machine manufacturer, and can give the technical support, if you have any need or questions welcome to contact us.