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20TPD Kraft Paper Making Line

Kraft Paper Machine

20t/d kraft paper making line contain paper pulping process and kraft paper machine two parts, both this is important to finished paper quality, especiall paper machine play a very important role in finished paper quality and benefits of customer.

Kraft paper machine technical data

Paper kind: kraft paper
GSM: 120~360g/㎡
Trimmed width: 1880mm
Working speed: 80m/min
Center distance: 2700mm
Drive form: Section-drive, frequency conversion adjusting speed

Leizhan supply paper machine in different types that can meet the different capacity, meanwhile we provide the whole sets of paper machine from paper pulp process to paper machine. The pulping process contain pulper, cleaner, screening, thickener and refiner equipment, all this can be available in Leizhan, if you have any need, feel free to contact us.