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300T/D Kraft Paper Manufacturing Line

Kraft Paper Making Line

This machine is three layers kraft paper machines production line, we give this project for paper making friends to help you increase capacity production, and you can upgrade your equipment to increase your capacity.

Raw material: waste paper, wood pulp, wood pulp paper

Capacity: 300T/D

Pulping system:

Chain conveyor—Drum pulper—pump—High density cleaner—1st stage M.C. coarse pressure screen—pulp tank/Agitator—Pump—Light impurities separator—Reject separator—Pulp tank back coarse screening/Agitator—Mid density cleaner—1st stage Low density cleaner—2st stage Low density cleaner—3st stage Low density cleaner—1st stage fine pressure screen—2st stage fine pressure screen—Vibrating screen—Inclined screen—-Agitator—Pump—Double dis refiner—Inclined screen—-Agitator—Pump—Refiner—Inclined screen

Papermaking system

We supply the whole complete papermaking machine, include corrugated paper machine, tissue paper machine, cultural paper machine, coating paper machine and kraft paper machine. If you have any need, feel free to contact us.