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3200mm Kraft Liner Paper Machine

According to the customer’s design requirements for this project, our company designed a double fourdrinier multi-cylinder kraft liner paper machine. In addition to introducing some basic parameters of the kraft liner paper machine, this article will introduce the wire part of the kraft liner paper machine in detail.

Basic parameters of Kraft Liner Paper Machine

1. Product variety: kraft paper

2. Copying quantity: 80-200gsm

3. Clean paper width: 3200 mm

4. Track gauge: 4300 mm (finally subject to design)

5. Design speed: 100-180 meters/minute

6. Output: 100 tons/day

Details of Kraft Liner Paper Machine

1. The equipment configuration of this paper machine can achieve the predetermined production capacity, and the internal and external performance requirements of the paper machine are first considered.

2. Mesh dehydration element: The panel is made of all-ceramics and the base is fiberglass; the box is welded to stainless steel and undergoes special heat treatment.

3. Bearing requirements: Use products from Wafangdian Bearing Factory or Luoyang Bearing Factory.

4. All auxiliary motors in the wet section are waterproof motors.

5. The complete supply of rollers includes roller bodies, shafts, bearings, bearing shells, etc.

6. This paper machine mainly consists of an open headbox, fourdrinier wire section, foundation section, mechanical transmission and electrical control.

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