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5500mm Testliner Paper Making Machine

testliner paper machine
This fourdrinier wire multi-cylinder paper machine for wood pulp, paper as raw material, basic weight 100-300g/㎡ high strength kraft/testliner paper production. The following is this paper machine details.

5500mm Testliner paper machine details

Paper kind: Kraft paper, Testliner paper
Trimmed width: 5500mm
Basic weight: 100-300g/㎡
Capacity: 650t/d
Working speed: 650m/min
Design speed: 800m/min

Except kraft paper machine we supplied, we also manufacture whole set of stock preparation line for waste paper and wood pulp pulping, all this paper making machines have high efficiency and energy saving features. If you want to know more details about paper machine and stock preparation process, welcome to contact us.