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Chain Conveyor Of Paper Mill Machine

Chain conveyors can be used to transport paper making raw materials to the pulping system, to the paper making machine or between different pulping machine components.

Chain conveyor can carry different paper making raw materials and has the characteristics of stable operation and efficient transmission, ensuring the smooth, fast and continuous transmission of dry paper and improving production efficiency.

Application & Features

1. Leizhan Machinery uses sensors, automation systems and data analysis technology to realize intelligent monitoring and control of chain conveyors.

2. By monitoring parameters such as chain wear, conveying speed and position, and predicting maintenance needs, real-time optimization of operating status and fault warning are achieved.

3. Continuously optimize the design, improve the transmission method, and reduce energy loss during chain transmission.

4. Use environmentally friendly materials and lubricants to reduce the impact on the environment.

Chain conveyor can carry heavier paper rolls and maintain the stability and safety of the paper rolls, reducing manual operations and labor intensity. If you are interested in paper machines, please feel free to contact us. Email address: