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Component Analysis of Linting and Dusting of Paper

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The main reason for the problem of linting and dusting of paper is that the surface strength of the paper sheet is low, mainly the small fiber and the filler on the surface of the paper are not strong enough to be combined with the main fiber, and the friction is caused by the external force. So to control and improve the linting and dusting of paper must improve the paper surface strength.

Component Analysis of Linting and Dusting for Paper and the treating measures

1. Control of the pulp quality

The main role of the long fiber in the paper is that it forms the tension frame of the sheet, so the fiber requires a greater wet weight and a certain degree of broomization. Wet weight is too small will result in decreased tensile strength, while fiber debris increased, causing linting and dusting, fiber is too long is prone to flocculation caused by deterioration of uniformity. In the fiber ratio, the ideal way is to increase the amount of long fiber, it is to improve the surface strength, but because of the cost of the relationship, long fiber was forced to reduce the amount, but the ratio too low will make linting and dusting phenomenon becomes uncontrollable. In order to compensate for this limitation in production, the long fiber and mixed pulp are relatively elevated, but the drying needs to be optimized to avoid the formation of bubble sandpaper disease.

2. The quality and amount of the filler is an important factor in the problem of paper linting.

In order to prevent linting and dusting, the general requirements of the quality of the filler must meet: crystal type for the spindle, so that can guarantee the effective contact area of filler and fiber. The settling velocity should be matched with the dehydration and forming speed of the fiber in the wire, otherwise the packing will appear unevenly in the vertical direction of the paper, and the problem will be serious.

3. Auxiliaries

In the general paper production, the main additive is cationic starch, its role is to improve the strength of the paper, the corresponding increase in the bonding strength between the fiber and filler, is conducive to reducing the occurrence of linting and dusting. At the same time because of its role in a certain sizing, the surface of the paper can form a layer of wear-resistant properties of the film-like colloid, to a certain extent, improve the surface strength, reduce powder. So the use of starch is very necessary but moderately.

4. Dehydration

Uniformity of the fiber is a reasonable distribution between the factors that affect the powder, if the fiber evenness is poor, indicating that the fibers in the wire when the distribution is unreasonable, that is, the local long fiber flocculation into the group, in the ratio of fixed of the circumstances, is bound to cause near the site of short fiber, paper strength decreases, powder problem must occur, so the wire must control the pulp speed ratio and wire concentration.

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