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Details Of Paper Machine Wire Press Part

Problems that are likely to occur in the pressing part of the paper machine include the following: crushing, edge folding, indentation, and paper holes.

Felt is a key piece of paper equipment in the press part, and the conditions under which it is used are crucial to the quality of paper. We need to keep the felt clean. The felt is a consumable product and has a certain life cycle. During use, there will be losses. For example, the hair grafts on the felt will fall off. Regular replacement of felt is essential for normal production.

The doctor blade in the press part of the paper machine also needs to be paid attention to, especially when the moisture in the press is high, or when the steam pressure in the steam box is too high, paper wool will easily stick to the surface of the lower roller. Too much paper hair will push up the doctor blade and cause indentations on the paper. After the upper roller doctor blade is pushed up, the paper hair on the doctor blade can easily escape the scraper and fall onto the paper surface, causing paper holes. Pay attention to cleaning the doctor blade at ordinary times, and also control other operating conditions to minimize lint on the roller surface.

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