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Disc Disperser for Papermaking

disc disperser
How to remove the stickies in the waste paper economically and effectively is one of the difficulties of the waste paper recycling technology. Especially for imported OCC and the adhesive in the 37#office waste paper, the large ink Point is particularly important.

Leizhan ZRP Series Disc Disperser

Our company introduced foreign technology and adopted a series of patented technologies. The newly developed ZPS series disc disperser machine is one of the indispensable equipment in the pulp and paper making process using waste paper as raw material. Highly efficient dispersion of small, close to the density of fibers and no fixed shape of the soft adhesive impurities and large ink points, etc., in order to ensure more cost-effective production of high quality recycled pulp, the device has a fiber cut less dispersed Good effect, can save disk grinding beating, operating costs and other advantages, suitable for a variety of waste paper pulp.

Leizhan ZRP Series Disc Disperser Advantages

1. ZRP series disc disperser machine adopts ribbon spiral feeding, high concentration dispersion, high dispersing efficiency, low power consumption and small fiber damage.

2. ZRP series of disc disperser machine widely used in a variety of waste paper deinking pulp and a variety of cardboard waste paper pulp high concentrating dispersion.

3. ZRP series disc disperser grinding mill is made of cemented carbide, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, long service life.

4. ZRP series of disc disperser machine with its refining area larger and unique grinding teeth, not only to the slurry into the dispersion effect, and the fiber has a certain role of sub-broom broom, paper copy physical strength such as tearing, folding resistance, tensile strength and other indicators can be improved to varying degrees.