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Double Disc Refiner For Paper Making Line

The double-disc refiner is equipped with an automatic control system and can operate at constant power or constant energy consumption. The beating effect is stable. All parts of the double-disc refiner that are in contact with the pulp are made of stainless steel and have a long service life.

Application & Features

1. The automatic control system of the double-disc refiner has an interface with the DCS system, which can realize group control or single control using the operation panel as the operating interface.

2. The grinding disc has good hardness, wear resistance and long service life. All moving grinding discs undergo dynamic balance testing to ensure that the equipment operates without oscillation.

3. Various power and speed combinations. According to different pulp types, different outputs, different beating degree requirements, combined with different tooth-type grinding discs, the best power and speed combination can be selected to achieve the best beating effect with the lowest energy consumption.

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