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Double Disc Refiner In Paper Pulping Line

Double disc refiner is suitable for continuous beating of commercial wood pulp, chemical-mechanical pulp, chemical pulp, and waste paper pulp, improving the beating degree and wet weight of pulp, and meeting the needs of paper making. Double disc refiner is equipped with an automatic control operating system, which can achieve constant power beating, and the beating effect is stable. All parts in contact with the pulp of the double disc refiner are made of stainless steel.

Application & Features

1. Serialized, modularized and standardized design of the whole machine.

2. The machine body and machine cover are integral welded structures, with high strength, good rigidity and high processing precision.

3. The main shaft bearing has compact structure, high rotation precision, reliable lubrication and convenient maintenance.

4. The main shaft seal adopts the form of packing seal or mechanical seal, and the two can be freely interchanged.

5. Double disc refiner is equipped with a special dismantling device for grinding discs, which is convenient and quick to replace the discs, reducing labor intensity and ensuring installation accuracy.

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