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Equipment For Waste Paper Recycling Line

This article aims to shed light on various sources of perforations in paper machines, including those stemming from pulp, among others, with the intention of providing assistance to customers. Naturally, superior paper machine equipment can enhance production outcomes for customers. Should you require top-quality paper machine solutions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for consultation.

Some solutions are as follows


1. Drain and flush the system to remove slime-related slurry

2. Check elbows and dead ends of pipes and clean them

3. Check the dispersion status of chemical additives and the mixing status at the adding point

4. Open and clean the shot pipe in the headbox

5. Clean and report headbox dead spots to take corrective measures

6. Drain and flush the headbox to remove excess foam

7. Check the internal sizing condition and increase the amount of defoaming agent if necessary.

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