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Felt For Paper Making Line

Leizhan increases the compression resistance, dehydration and excellent runnability of the felt. Let the felt play its role better on the paper making line. Leizhan continues to improve the felt, save water and reduce consumption, and increase the adaptability of the felt on the paper making line.

Application & Features

1. Absorbs water squeezed from wet paper sheets.

2. Felt can evenly distribute the pressure on the wet paper and play a role in supporting the wet paper to prevent embossing.

3. During the pressing process, the felt drives the rotation of all the driven rollers in the pressing section, and also plays the role of a transmission belt.

4. Felt needs to support the wet paper sheet from the forming section to the drying section, and play the role of transferring the wet paper sheet.

Leizhan can also provide a set of machine for paper making line. If you have interest to our machine, please contact us by email: