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How to Deal With Paper Sludge

dewatering paper machine
There is a lot of sludge produced in the waste paper pulping line. If it is not treated effectively, it will have a great impact on the environment. So, what are the methods to deal with the sludge?

Paper Sludge Solve Method

1. Natural drying.
The treatment method is mainly to put the papermaking sludge in the sludge drying field and reduce the moisture content by infiltration and evaporation.
This method has high requirement for rainfall, evaporation, temperature, humidity and other natural environment, and is generally suitable for use in dry, light rain and sandy soil.
Sludge drying process is used to treat the paper sludge cycle plant, which can bring some pollution to the soil and atmosphere, therefore, it is not recommended to use.
2. Sludge granulation method
Papermaking sludge into the granulator granulation department first, under their own gravity, flocculation concentration, layered rolled into the drawing-board, then the drawing-board and water into the dehydration part, discharge water to drain from the ring inclined seam, finally into pressure, further dehydration, form big granule compaction drawing-board, launch a barrel.
The moisture content of mud pills is generally above 70%.
3. Mechanical dewatering
After the sludge has been concentrated, the mechanical pressure drying and dehydration are carried out through the plate frame filter press, belt filter press, diaphragm filter press, and the peak sludge pressure dryer and other dewatering equipment.

Currently, mechanical encapsulation-dehydration, which has been widely applied in papermaking sludge treatment and sludge dewatering equipment with high automation and high mechanical squeezing force types, one is to reduce quantity of manual operation, boosting the controllability of sludge dewatering equipment, sludge treatment to reduce costs, improve the efficiency of papermaking sludge treatment, the two will be automatic and stable operation of sludge dewatering equipment.