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Industrial Cleaner For Paper Industry

Low density cleaner relies on the principle of centrifugal force. Impurities that are heavier than the pulp are discharged from the lower end, and accepted is discharged from the upper end. High density cleaner uses centrifugal force to separate impurities of different specific gravity. The slurry flow is sent into the desander from the top in a tangential direction for rotational motion. Cleaners of different concentrations can be applied together to achieve better slag cleaning effects.

Application & Features

1. Adopt advanced centrifugal purification technology.

2. Compact arrangement, reducing floor space.

3. High efficiency, ensuring the cleanliness of the pulp.

4. Reinforced nylon material for durability.

5. Low pressure drop, reducing system power consumption.

6. The final section is equipped with a ceramic slurry saver.

7. Each slag remover’s inlet and outlet slurry pipes are equipped with separate valves to reduce system downtime and increase system flexibility and reliability.

8. Different slag discharge methods can be selected.

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