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Kraft Paper Machine Manufacturer

The vacuum system of kraft paper machine should be designed to cater to the specific requirements of the kraft paper making process. This includes determining the required vacuum level, sizing the equipment, and deciding on the layout of vacuum lines and components.

By considering these technical aspects of kraft paper machine, you can develop an efficient and reliable vacuum system for kraft paper making.

Vacuum system parameters are as follows:

Vacuum system parameter table
Pumping point name Pumping volume (m3/min) Pumping point vacuum


Vacuum return roll 100 55-60
Wire vacuum box 120 40
Vacuum press roll 70 55-60
Felt low vacuum 125 40-45
Felt high vacuum 320 45-50
Total Pumping volume (m3/min) 735

However, it is important to consult with a professional engineer or vacuum system supplier to tailor the solution to your specific requirements and ensure optimal performance. Welcome to contact us. Email address: