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Lifting Slag For Waste Paper Recycling

Lifting Slag

Lifting Slag used for dealing with the heavy impurities discharged from high density cleaner and low density cleaner. Separate the staple, small stone and gravel, etc from water. This machine in saving manpower at the same time can achieve greater benefits.

Lifting Slag For Waste Paper Recycling

Working principle

Impurities precipitate in feed hopper; through internal rotating helix deliver impurities to reject nozzle, and send them to impurity collect box.

Leizhan Lifting Slag features

1. Separation efficiency can be as high as 98% to 99.5%, can separated the particle size ≥ 0.5mm particles.
2. Using spiral structure, bearing external, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs.
3. imple structure, compact and stable.
4. In order to ensure the durability of the blade, the use of high-quality wear-resistant manganese steel. Extraction of hard particles of slag, wear-resistant leaves greatly improve the service life.
5. After the separation of slag moisture content ≤ 3%.

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