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Middle Consistency Pressure Screen For Paper Pulping Machine

Middle consistency pressure screen has multi-piece rotors with high efficiency and low power consumption. The concentration screening of the middle consistency pressure screen can reduce water consumption and fiber loss. Compared with low-consistency screening, the middle consistency pressure screen has a smaller screening area for the same processing capacity. Investment and spare parts costs are low./p>

Main Specification

1. The pulp enters from the top of the pressure screen, using gravity to effectively remove large impurities, reducing wear on the rotor and screen drum, and extending the service life of the machine.

2. The rotor is a multi-wing block, non-winding, high-efficiency and energy-saving rotor.

3. The size of the screen drum is optimized, with stronger adaptability and lower thickening coefficient, which can effectively reduce fiber loss and blockage.

4. Integrated base and detachable taper sleeve pulley make maintenance easy.

5. Suitable for high concentrations, saving white water circulation in the system, high efficiency and energy saving.

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