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Paper Machine Spare Part Of Reeling Machine

The purpose of the reeling machine is to rewind the paper rolls produced by the paper machine in sequence, and the paper is made into finished paper after reeling. The form and process of the reeling machine can be broken down into four basic functions: unwinding, web control, slitting, and paper roller. Leizhan’s reeling machine uses AC drive.

Four Basic Functions of the Reeling Machine:

1. Paper Ejection Function
The first function of reeling machine is “paper unwinding”. In addition to accelerating and decelerating paper unwinding, this process also provides a means to maintain paper web tension.

2. Paper Web Control
The second basic function of reeling machine is web control, which includes tension control, traction control, stretch and speed. Web control provides the necessary control over the transport of the web from the unwind roller to the reeling rollers.

3. Web Separation
The third basic function of reeling machine is web separation, which includes cutting the paper web into a certain usage width and removing the paper edges.

4. Paper Roller Structure Control
The last function of reeling machine is paper roller structure control, which is also the most important function of reeling machine.

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