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Paper Machine Spare Parts Of Dryer Cylinder

The increase in the speed of the paper machine means that the paper web must be dried quickly in the dryer part, which virtually places higher requirements on the dryer part of the paper machine. Leizhan has made many improvements to the dryer cylinder, both in terms of technology and equipment, to improve drying efficiency.

Application & Features

1. Stable operation. The transfer of the paper web is completed safely and reliably, which greatly reduces the breakage of the paper web caused by instability, fluttering and folding in the dryer section, thereby improving the operating performance of the paper machine.

2. Due to the equipment characteristics of the drying section, the wet paper sheet can effectively obtain heat from the surface of the dryer, and remove or dissipate the water vapor evaporated from the paper sheet, and in the process, the energy is well controlled .

3. Prevent paper pages from curling and control paper shrinkage.

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