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Paper Mill Machine Medium Consistency Hydrapulper

Medium consistency hydrapulper can help paper mills obtain clean pulp materials for the production of new paper products. Medium consistency hydrapulpers are crucial in the paper production process to maximize the recycling of waste paper resources while ensuring paper quality and performance.

Advantage of Medium Consistency Hydrapulper

1. It can effectively separate the ink, pollutants and impurities in the pulp, thereby ensuring that the quality of the pulp meets the requirements for manufacturing high-quality paper.

2. Use the high-speed rotating deinking blade and friction plate to break up the ink in the waste paper and separate it from the water.

3. Retain most of the paper fibers through the screen to obtain clean pulp.

4. Able to realize resource recycling and environmentally friendly production in the paper production process.

Medium consistency hydrapulper can process a wide range of waste paper and cardboard, allowing more pulp to be recycled, reducing reliance on natural resources and lowering costs. Welcome to contact us to discuss more details. Email address: