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Paper Pulp Making Machine High Density Cleaner

High density cleaner features a unique upper cone slag removal cylinder cleverly connected to the lower cone slag removal cylinder, creating a tilted contact surface between the pulp and slag within the cleaner and valve plate.

This innovative design of high density cleaner reduces valve pressure, extends equipment lifespan, mitigates slag blockages, and significantly boosts operational effectiveness.

Key Features and Advantages of High Density Cleaner

1. Compact and user-friendly design ensures smooth slag discharge and exceptional purification efficiency.

2. Utilizes a double cone structure and volute type slurry feeding system for effective separation of heavy slag.

3. Provides manual and automatic slag discharge options to accommodate varying operational requirements.

4. Equipped with a fiber loss prevention interlock system to ensure sustainable and efficient operations.

Leizhan remains dedicated to meeting customer demands and continually enhancing existing pulping equipment to deliver maximum value to its clients. The high density cleaner is a testament to Leizhan’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

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