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Paper Pulper for Paper Mill

Paper pulper is a paper machine used in the paper recycling industry to break down paper materials into pulp. This pulp can then be used to make new paper products. The paper pulper typically involves the use of water and mechanical agitation to separate the fibers in the paper and create a slurry of pulp. This pulp can then be further processed and formed into new paper products.

The types of paper pulpers are as follows:

High Consistency pulper: This equipment is used to process large-scale waste paper raw materials. It uses mechanical equipment to tear paper into pieces and mix it with water to form a high-concentration pulp, which is suitable for industrial production.

Low Consistency pulper: This pulper uses more water to mix with paper to form a more diluted pulp, which is suitable for making thinner paper or cardboard.

Hydraulic pulper: This is a machine that uses hydraulic energy to knead pulp. It is suitable for large-scale paper production lines and can effectively convert large amounts of waste paper into pulp.

The selection of these pulping machines depends on factors such as production scale, paper type and production efficiency, and can be customized according to production needs. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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