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Paper Pulping Equipment Double Disc Refiner

As one of the key equipment in the paper making production line, the double-disc refiner is indispensable. The double-disc refiner of paper making equipment can effectively grind, disperse and evenly process pulp raw materials, thereby improving the quality of paper making and meeting the processing needs of different raw materials.

Application & Features

1. Adopting a double-disc side-by-side structural design, it is efficient, stable and reliable.

2. Using multiple hydraulic pressure adjustment systems, the distance and pressure between the refining discs can be flexibly adjusted to adapt to the characteristics and processing needs of different pulp raw materials.

3. The integrated design and automated control system can realize intelligent operation, automatic monitoring and alarm processing of the equipment. The equipment during the production process can operate stably and with high safety.

4. The equipment adopts advanced materials and manufacturing processes, which are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and long-life, reducing the maintenance cost of the equipment.

Leizhan Machinery’s double-disc refiner has certain adaptability and flexibility and can be applied to different types of pulp raw materials. It can also be customized according to your specific process requirements. Welcome to contact us. Email: