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Paper Pulping Machine High Density Cleaner

Within the cleaner, a certain proportion of the accepted pulp is redirected back to the feed pump through the pressure controller. This circulation ensures a steady and even distribution of the pulp flow throughout the cleaner. As the pulp flows through the cleaner, the tangential entry of the pulp initiates a rotational motion, creating centrifugal force. This centrifugal force causes the impurities with a higher density to be pushed towards the outer wall of the cleaner.

Simultaneously, the cleaner’s constant pressure drop maintains a controlled and stable environment for the separation process. This pressure drop helps to promote the movement of impurities towards the outer wall while allowing the cleaner pulp to continue flowing inward. By combining the effects of the centrifugal force and the constant pressure drop, Leizhan’s high density cleaner effectively separates and removes impurities from the pulp stream. The purer and cleaner pulp obtained from this process enhances the quality and performance of the subsequent paper production.

In summary, the constant pulp flow and centrifugal force, coupled with the pressure control system, are the basis of operation for the high density cleaner. Leizhan’s implementation of a pressure controller ensures a consistent and controlled separation process, resulting in improved paper production quality. If you have interest to our machine, please contact us by email: