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Pulp Equipment Drum Screen For Coarse Screening

The coarse screen drum screen is a kind of rotating screen equipment. The pulp enters the screen frame through the feed port. The screen wire of drum screen is installed in the screen frame and rotates. The fiber bundles enter the slurry outlet through the screen wire, and the impurities are intercepted by the screen wire. In the frame, it is discharged through the impurity outlet.

Application & Features

1. High screening efficiency and low fiber loss.

2. Special equipment structure and low energy consumption.

3. High degree of automation and high production efficiency.

4. Develop new screen materials and designs to improve screening effects.

5. Intelligent technology enables remote monitoring and data analysis.

The coarse screen drum screen adopts a multi-stage screen frame design, which can finely screen pulp step by step and further improve the quality of pulp. If you have interest to our paper machine, please contact us by email: