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Rewinding Machine For Kraft Paper Machine

Built with superior materials and precision processing, our rewinding machines guarantee a stable and reliable performance. With exceptional shock resistance and anti-interference capabilities, our rewinding machine is designed to maintain precise cutting and rewinding results, even when operating at high speeds. Rest assured, our rewinding machines deliver unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in every rewinding task.

The main features of this rewinding machine are as follows:

A Our rewinding machine is designed with modularity in mind, making the rewinding process easy to observe and operate. Each main transmission device is directly on the ground, effectively minimizing the impact of vibration.

B With a focus on independent functionality, the unwinding, slitting, and rewinding parts of the machine are separate and do not transmit vibrations to each other.

C In the slitting section, a single motor drives the slitting knife, while the upper and lower circular knives can be pneumatically positioned. This allows for convenient and fast adjustment of paper cutting specifications.

D To prevent resonance, our rewinding machine is equipped with two bottom rollers that have unequal masses. This innovative design effectively reduces the occurrence of unwanted vibrations, ensuring smooth and stable operation.

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